Our testing indicates that the lifespan of a single Dartskin could be as much as 10,000+ dart throws. That’s a lot of dart games! This can be achieved by rejuvenating your Dartskins game by lightly ironing the rear side.

See video about lastability

Included in your Dartskins pack your selected game skins, a QR code and site address to locate your games rules and instructions, pins to fasten the Dartskins to the dartboard.

Dartskins are made to fit all standard size dartboards. Remove the outer number ring on your dartboard and replace it with the Dartskins game using the pins supplied.

We deliver Dartskins all over the world. Orders are processed and shipped out in 1-2 business days from your order confirmation. We use Australia Post for all local and international deliveries.

Dartskins are made from a felt-like fabric, that we’ve tried and tested for quality and performance to make sure you’re getting the very best each time you play.

We can offer a bulk discount on large orders. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss MOQs and delivery requirements and time frames.


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