Wanting Something More Than Just Darts

Playing darts in the shed has always been a hobby for us, the inventors of Dartskins. Whilst the standard 501 game of darts was the regular game, we also played the usual “Around the board”, “Mickey Mouse” and a variety of other fun well known dart games.

Playing in the local competition against better dart players it was a great learning curve and we both even won a couple of team premierships along the way.

Dart games in the shed were still a constant however, and with us both being of a competitive nature, a few variants of some dart grouping games manifested.

I guess this is when Dartskins was truly created! A light bulb went off for us then… Why don’t we start fusing other sports and games that we love onto Dartskins that fit over the dartboard….?

Dartskins: Brainstorming & Evolution

And so with that many ‘brainstorming’ sessions began. All of a sudden Dartskins Golf evolved from a spotty and grainy game, to a nine hole course complete with hazards that trained the player to hit them straight or suffer the consequences! Dartskins Cricket and Dartskins Tennis followed soon after, and Dartskins Pool too.

Time to test them out to the masses. We organised a gathering with ‘the lads’ and supplied them the Dartskins games and instructions and sat back to see if they could figure out how to play and where we needed to improve. We were really glad to see that they all picked up the games quickly and followed our rules well. There was great feedback on how well the original skins performed to their initial concern, and the visual platform we created made it exciting to play and hit the targets strategically located in the Dartskins. Some minor adjustments were suggested, which was really great to find out too. “On the line is in!’“ was the cry of the night.

So, the overall reaction was an overwhelmingly positive one. That gave us great confidence that the broader community would really like our Dartskins games. However, we knew that we could improve, and improve we have!

Making It Even Better

We wanted to dramatically improve the lifespan of our Dartskins and searched the globe for a Dartskins material that has superior performance, has a really long life span, was easily carried and stored and had a ‘skin-like’ feel. We found just the right fabric that ticked all these boxes and it can even be ironed on the rear side to rejuvenate the Dartskins game after heavy use!

So, with that the button was pushed to release another 10 awesome Dartskins games that we have created. We hope that we can build a Dartskins community of players that enjoy and love Dartskins games as much as we do!

Stay tuned and shoot straight darts!

– Kyle and Andrew


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